Saturday, May 13, 2006

The shawl, she is finished! I can't figure out how to get a good picture of it, though. I need a shrubbery. Anyway, here's the best I could do:

I figured out what happened to that other ball of yarn - I knit it into the shawl. Dur. So the total was fifteen balls. I like to calculate how much I'd charge for things if I were making a fair wage - I hope my friend enjoys her $800 shawl.

Then again, that's one of the reasons I knit - to have unique, valuable things that I otherwise couldn't have. Or gift.

Oh, and that, "I'm about a quarter ball short?" Yeah. Here (on the left) is what was left of the last ball. On the right is the snipped-off ends after I wove them in.

And here's one of the socks. Or its toe, anyway.


Opal said...

The shawl is gorgeous! I know your friend will love it. It's also worth every penny of that $800.

Ann C. said...

OH WOW!!! What a luscious thing this is! I LOVE the color, the work is beautiful. Well, it's just beyond words. Your friend is the luckiest person!
Ann in Dallas