Thursday, June 22, 2006

Trepidation and Excitement

I'm having a hard time finishing my Master Knitter swatches. I think it's a combination of fear that they're all going to be returned with big red X's all over them (figuratively, of course) and the fact that they are so easy - I have a problem with finishing things in general, and to finish one thing every hour - very difficult!

And I'm suffering Extreme Design Paralysis with my box of Palette. I'm waffling between two different strategies. A) I've always said that if I ever won the lottery, I'd put it in a CD for 6 months while I decided what to do with it, so I wouldn't be tempted to go all stupid. This may be the strategy I adopt with the yarn, so as not to be pressured into using it and then deciding later that I really wanted it for something else. B) Individual balls of Palette are really not expensive. I should just dive in headfirst, and if I decide I want the yarn for something else, I'll just order more.

So those are my ridiculous knitting neuroses. On to the thrills!

I'm unreasonably excited about these needles from Knitpicks. Like Addis, but sharp? If so, bring on the smelling salts, I'm feeling faint. If not, oh well, I'm out $5. Definitely going to add some to my next order, whatever the case. I only wish they came in sizes smaller than 0 - I'm definitely getting to the point where I'm feeling the need to knit on needles the width of a human hair. What is that urge, anyway?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Functioning Computer!

Yay! We upgraded to XP. Yes, I know, welcome to the 21st century. Finally broke down and did it because I KNOW I don't want Vista, and I found XP for 60% off, which was nice. Anyway. It's been awhile since the computer and the camera have wanted to talk to each other. And now there's a GB of RAM, which is so much nicer.

My friend liked her shawl, even if it is technically a baby blanket the whole family can pile under. More on her liking it later.

The socks came out pretty spiffily. My friend (the toe-almost-losing friend, not the baby-having one) is going to send me a picture of himself wearing the socks, but until then, here are some last-minute, oops-they're-not-going-to-be-dry-in-time shots.

First, the inappropriately girly ruffle - unfortunately, I didn't manage an in-focus picture before I ripped it all out:

Then, the finished socks, drying:

And now, back to my friend liking her shawl. At one point, I'd sent her an email that had my bloggy-sig at the bottom, and she clicked on it to see what it was. I mentioned saving up for the Knitpicks Palette sampler. So she got it for me, as a very generous combination thank you/birthday present. Wow:

Woohoo! It was all I could do not to pull it all out and roll around in it last night. I promised myself I'd finish all my current projects first, though. (Stopped doing swatches because I RAN OUT OF YARN. But then I saved up enough for another ball and another Addi Turbo, so I can make socks again, too... it is a world of choices out there!)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Socks done, no swatches

Well, I did finish the socks, and they came out well, I think. Very soft and fuzzy and full of such tiny stitches! But pooh to those needles - ANOTHER one pulled out of the socket, right when I only had 1/2" of ribbing left, not even on the same pair so I can't even say it was a manufacturing defect on that one set.

So I can't make more socks until I buy another US0 Addi. Well, won't, because really I COULD, but I don't feel like suffering through a whole pair of socks with bendy, grabby, catchy-join, stitch dropping, out-of-the-socket-pulling bamboos.

And I don't have that kind of cash.

So I'm trying to finish up a few things that I have the materials/equipment for, if not the motivation. I've gotten half of my Master Knitter swatches done, but it's REALLY hard to motivate for them. Like, it's ridiculous. Know why I'm posting right now? Because it's avoiding making another swatch. Dunno what's wrong with me there. It's not like they're hard, and I do want them done - I just can't make myself want to do them. I like finished products, I guess, and little squares just don't do it for me.

I think next, I'll put some time in on that sweater for Kira and maybe finally do the sleeves for the Skully I started, what, almost a year ago now? Yeah.

And then... SOCKARAMA, BABY! WooooooT!

(And after I save up for a new Addi, I'm totally starting a fund for the Palette sampler from Knitpicks. I've dabbled in cables and lace, now it's time for COLOR!)