Friday, August 03, 2007

Limited, maybe...

So, I've been knitting instead of updating. It happens. The coupling socks are almost done, but I'm still only on Clue 3 of the Mystery Stole. Turns out, though, that being so far behind is a good thing, since if I were on track I'd have to rip back a bunch of rows.

I guess 'disappointed' is kind of strong, since I love what I have now, even with a couple of holes where I dropped stitches and wasn't completely successful in knitting them back up in pattern. I love the color and the sparkle of the beads. But I can't stand asymmetrical knitting; I will never find it lovely, and I won't waste time or yarn in knitting something that I can't bear to look at. Call me aesthetically limited, but there it is. So I'm just going to knit the first half again to do the symmetry thing. Wing? Yuck.

(I do hope whatever happens with the border works on the version I'm doing; I do dearly love me a frilly, feathery border. But if it doesn't, hey, I chose my symmetrical bed, I'll lie in it. Comfortably, and without feeling like my head's unbalanced every time I look at it.)