Friday, August 18, 2006

Kool-Aid Dyeing: So Easy, A Three-Year-Old Can Do It

Seriously. Kira just Kool-Aid dyed a skein of Knitpicks Bare superwash sockyarn.

Which reminds me.

Dear Knitpicks:

In the future, please inform me in advance when you are going to be carrying new product, especially if you're going to do so right after I place an order.



They're carrying Jacquard Acid Dyes now, which is what I order from Dharma Trading and I really love 'em, but dang, that shipping gets expensive. (Generally doubles the cost of dye. Phoo.) KP doesn't have as many colors as DT, but that's ok. How many do you really need?

(I asked that rhetorically earlier, and Kira answered, "four". Which is true - red, yellow, blue, and black. But I think she was just guessing.)

But back to the kool-aid dyeing. I prepared the yarn by washing it in synthropol, rinsing thoroughly, and letting it soak in warm water with a glug of vinegar for about 20 minutes. Then came Kira's part.

First, we empted the packets into cups of warm water (ok, I did prepare those too, but she could have done it, no problem). We used cherry (red), watermelon-cherry (pink), and grape (purple), and Kira mixed them up into some different combinations.

Stirred carefully...

...and drizzled the dye over the yarn. We did the skein about a third at a time, so it would have different patterns and stuff on it.

Then we kept it warm for about 20 minutes, even though the dye was exhausted after about 5, I think. I actually did this part covered, but it wouldn't have made a very good picture.

Then I washed it in synthropol again, and rinsed a whole bunch, and now it's outside drying on the rack. More tomorrow, when we see how it turns out...

(Also, I feel compelled to point out that Kira has lily-white, unstained hands, while mine are a Pollack of red, pink, and purple...)

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