Monday, January 02, 2006

Look, it's Orange!

And - the final result! This actually has very little to do with the real color, but I thought it was a pretty picture. Also, see that background? Master Hand Knit Program Level I! w00t!

Lil' K wanted to help. Since we didn't let her help wind up the yarn, she insisted on holding it for the pictures - and, hey, the color came out pretty accurately in this one. It's a little less red than that, but very close. (Of course, that's on my monitor - who knows what it looks like on yours? Hey, if we all started calling "blue" "yellow", would anyone know the difference? Like, woah, man.)

So there it is. One teensy ball of more-or-less fingering weight yarn. (I wound the two strands together and will be using both ends of the ball to knit from. Please don't tell me I should have divided it - I know, I just couldn't figure out how.) I'm having doubts about it actually making a scarf - but it is 440 yards. And both skeins were exactly the same length. So... we'll see.

(And for the record, if you need to make something for your favorite Swami, Jacquard acid dye "burnt orange" is a good way to go.)

Now, for entirely my own reference - the projects I need to finish, in order. Ish.

  1. Multidirectional scarf. I would have had time to do this if KnitPicks and Dharma Trading had been a little lazier.
  2. The cabled hat. I'm going to start from the ball I have left, but I think I may wind up frogging the existing one. Or knitting directly from it. I am lazy. Needs to be done by Saturday.
  3. Dr. Who Scarf repair. This was the first big project I ever did, for my husband on our first wedding anniversary. I don't even know how to fix motheaten knitting, much less when I'm going to get the time to do it, but I need to find out and then make time. Yeah.
  4. The Matthew scarf. Which needs to be done by the end of February, to be on the safe side.
  5. The baby blanket, by sometime in April, I should check on when exactly.
  6. Master Knitting swatches. I did one of my written questions today! The LYS was closed for the holidays, so the husband will be buying me a skein of beige Cascade 220 tomorrow.
  7. Thrummed mittens for my mommy. These don't need to be done before next Christmas, but it's good to plan ahead.

So there you have it. Sweater? What unfinished sweater? Bahhhh...

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