Saturday, April 07, 2007

More Socks!

Wow, I hate Blogger with the flaming heat of a thousand suns.

Which is good. Maybe it'll melt some of the snow.

That said, hey, socks!

The pattern is from Sockulator V (I've found I like the heel better than the other one - but we'll see how it holds up) and the cuff pattern is from Crusoe. I would have actually just used Crusoe's pattern if I didn't prefer 10 sts/in. I even tried doing the math, but gave up on the heels. Anyway, they're lovely and wonderful and hey, that yarn is from the MD Sheep & Wool festival, which means I've FINALLY used all the yarn for that. Just in time for this year!

But I'm working on something even more fun than socks right now. Secret!

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