Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blog? Oh, yeah.

Well, I hadn't posted because all I had to say was "finished five more rows on the pi shawl" over and over, which seemed kind of dull. I'm up to the last row of the second lace bit (using the pattern from Best of Knitters). It will never, ever be done. It's a good thing this baby isn't due until... um... later. (Keep forgetting to check! Bad friend.)

I'm about to double the stitches again. Woe!

(The giant mutant strawberry... er, pi shawl:)

At any rate, it's a good thing this Knitting Olympics thing is going on. Gives me a good excuse for a break! I just hope we have a cold March, so I get to actually wear this sweater.

But not yet, I'm thinking:

It's kind of neat. I'm using Lion microspun for the shawl/blanket, which is very smooth and slippy and thin. (And fuzzing, in the center. Should it do that? I've heard good things about how it wears, which is why I used it. I'm hoping washing improves it - if not, it will be an enormous lace dishrag, and if so, oh well.) So switching to the knockoff Cashmerino is like knitting with squooshy soft rope.

By the way, so far, so good - I've been using my 40% off coupons to buy balls of the AC Moore Luxury - $3.75 (including tax) a ball instead of what, $9 for the Cashmerino? Mom's been helping, but HER AC Moore never has black in stock, so there has been quite a bit of color-swapping shenanigans going on. And then there's the predicted snowstorm (which so far seems to be rain), which meant that I swapped some of the black I had for some colors that mom has, and will do the reverse next week.

But think of the savings!

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