Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tubey Lurve

Well, I'm bummed I didn't take a progress pic last night. I finished the stripes on the first sleeve. Today's goal is to finish the rest of that sleeve (only 1 more inch!) and get up to the stripes on the second sleeve. Probably no pictures until tomorrow, though, what with Valentine's stuff going on and my mother-in-law leaving town and all.

In the community spirit, I went through and checked out all the Knitting Olympians who had signed up with Tubey. Here's the final list of participants I got who mentioned they were actually knitting it. I know it's not about the competition... but I am! I need motivation, so there you go.

Of course, towards the end of that list, I finally found the Team Tubey I'd been looking for. And I joined. Neat!

I wish I'd looked at it earlier. My sleeves are definitely too big - next time I think I'd just make the size S sleeve with the size M body. Or something. Must check to see how other people are handling this.

And in other bad news, my office becomes Monkey Central starting tomorrow. Could be worse - it was supposed to start today. But it means I can't knit. And the other part of my job, where I have to sit in a little overheated room and do nothing for an hour three times a week? Printer's out for service, so that's cancelled too. Baaaaah.

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