Monday, February 27, 2006

Ten Things Tubey Taught Me

Finished! Early, actually. It was washed, blocked, and being worn to a party on Saturday. But I didn't get a picture until today, because... well, I have no excuse, I just didn't. I should try to get a better one, but probably won't.

Ten Things Tubey Taught Me

  1. The Joggless Jog. Although I'd call it the less-jog jog, I think, my sleeves look better than the picture on Knitty, and I should have taken a closeup but I didn't. Definitely worth doing, anyway.
  2. Color matters. I may actually rip out the entire body and reorder the stripes, because right now it does a fantastic job of minimizing my breasts and enlarging and drawing attention to my waist. I mean, yeah, I'm shaped like that, but there's no reason to emphasize it.
  3. Horizontal stripes do not flatter. Even if they look good on the model.
  4. I have boobs. Twenty-eight years of being small chested has led me to disregard any instructions for the busty. The sweater is four inches shorter in the front than the back, leading to weird bunching and just... oddness. Next time, short rows.
  5. I don't have to slavishly follow a pattern. I'm short-waisted, and I made the sweater what, two inches shorter than the pattern called for? Something like that. And it's a good length. Yay! (Now, be confident enough to add those short rows).
  6. The norwegian purl is hell on the wrists. Not worth bothering with.
  7. 3x1 Ribbing isn't really that bad, and it keeps you from dropping stitches 'cause it's like tiny pattern repeat markers every four stitches.
  8. Weaving in ends, however, really is that bad. And I'm terrible at it. I didn't trim the ends in case I do rip out and reorder the stripes, but even if I don't, I think pulling them out and redoing them isn't a bad idea.
  9. AC Moore Luxury Aran is a very soft, pilly yarn. I've heard the same thing about the Cashmerino that the pattern calls for, so I'm not too fussed about it. We'll see how it looks after a few washing/shavings.
  10. I can finish a sweater. Quickly, too. Now I have no excuse.

I had a bunch of yarn left over (including an entire ball of teal) so I started on a bonus: some Custom-Fit Fingerless Mitts. Super fast - I finished most of the first on the metro - and seriously easy. I should have the second done tomorrow, then I can weave in ends, wash, block, and have a custom accessory for my sweater. Nifty!

(Picture including my extraneous third leg:)


Kelly said...

Very nice!
Darn, another thing to add to my "To Knit" list!

Kelly said...

Very nice!
...another thing to add to my "To Knit" list.

Rachel said...

Your Tubey looks really great! But I totally hear where you're coming from about what stripes can do in terms of creating unflattering illusions (I made up my own stripe pattern that caused a bit of a crisis and resulted in much frogging). I'm happy enough with my stripes that I won't be redoing it, but there's definitely an art to it that I haven't quite figured out.

For what it's worth, I didn't notice any boob minimization in your photos! Just a nice sweater!