Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I know I haven’t updated – too busy knitting! I have some pictures, but since the husband took the camera one night, I totally got out of the “picture every day” thing. Which is totally a bummer, because a daily record of this project would have been neat. I’m up to the last colored stripe on the body – except I’m going to add one final, tiny stripe, so sort of not. I didn’t follow the pattern too closely. For one, I have three CCs instead of 5, and for two, I didn’t feel like fiddling with tiny scraps of yarn. I was impressed with the last teal stripe I did – I looked at the yarn left in thte ball and said, oh yeah, that’ll do me one more row. And it did. With 5” left. Just enough to weave in!

Ugh. Weaving in. I did a few ends while watching Murderball over the weekend, but yeah, that was one sleeve worth. Not looking forward to that. I should look up end-weaving, see if there’s a better way to do it than I do. Hates it.

But, there’s a party on Saturday, and maybe I’ll have this sweater done for it! Wouldn’t that be fun? (Hope it doesn’t look horrible. There’s still a chance of unravelling and reknitting the sleeves...)

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